Hey! I’m Thomas Hartmann, a software developer currently based in Oslo.

This blog serves as a record of my adventures in the software world, of my experiences with code, and general thoughts and ideas on the whole thing. There’s code snippets, git tips, programming concepts, and CLI app recommendations. Enjoy!

About me

There’s too many exciting things happening in the software world to keep track of them all, so we must all pick and choose what to follow. For a while now, my focus has been very keenly set on a fairly small set of technologies, most notable of which might be Haskell and Rust (and functional programming in general). I’m also into automation, Nix, Kubernetes, git, keyboards, and stranger things, such as CSS and design.

When not working on or thinking about software and related topics, I also enjoy working out and playing the occasional video game.

About the blog

This blog is built with Hakyll and ample help from various other blogs with similar setups. You can find the source code on GitLab if you wanna steal some tricks or just have a little gander.

Get in touch!

Like what I’m doing? Spotted a mistake I made? Want to discuss something? I want to hear from you! You can reach me at the email address listed above, or try Mastodon if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ll try and respond in a timely fashion.